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Get Natural Relief From Your Sciatic Pain

Man with back painIf you’ve ever had sciatica before, you can vividly recall what it felt like. It’s a deep, burning pain that goes from your low back or buttocks. In the more severe forms, sciatica can reach down the back of your thigh, into your calf and into your foot.

You might experience symptoms like tingling, numbness and weakness in the leg. Shooting pains are extremely common, too. If left untreated, the problem will only worsen. That’s where Community Chiropractic Center comes in.

It All Starts With An Accurate Diagnosis

No problem can be properly treated without first being diagnosed. That’s why Dr. Joel takes each of our patients through an extremely thorough evaluation process. Without knowing precisely what is wrong, you cannot get the treatment you need.

Amongst our forms of testing are 13 different orthopedic tests. These enable Dr. Joel to rule out sciatica or accurately diagnose it. To confirm, we typically also take X-rays, which informs Dr. Joel on exactly how to carry out your treatment.

How We’ll Help You Find Relief

To understand what chiropractic can do for you, you must first understand what a chiropractor does. With specific techniques, a chiropractor restores proper alignment to the spine. In turn, this will take pressure off your sciatic nerve.

And we don’t stop there. You’ll receive personalized stretches and exercises to hold your adjustment, making sure you have a long-term solution and not just a temporary patch.

The Triggers for Sciatica Are Numerous

People often wonder, “What exactly causes sciatica?” The trigger to your pain can be just about anything. Many patients report they simply woke up one morning feeling pain. Often, it’s a misalignment in the spine that has been present for some time. Finally, it puts enough pressure on the sciatic nerve that you begin to feel pain.

The misalignment can be caused by poor posture, an injury while playing sports or working in the yard or improper lifting techniques.

Let’s Get Proactive

“Maybe it will go away on its own” is a pretty dangerous idea when it comes to most things. It’s no different when it’s about your health. Sciatica will continue to worsen over time until it becomes unbearable and you’re unable to complete your daily activities.

You can do all the stretches you want on your own, but if there is a spinal misalignment, you cannot stretch it away. It’s the combination of precise chiropractic adjustments and our stretches and exercises, tailored to you, that makes all the difference for our patients.

Your plan of care will be specifically customized to your diagnosis, lifestyle and level of pain so that it suits exactly where you are. As we take the pressure off your sciatic nerve, you’ll be able to move around as you want-and as we like to say, motion is the best medicine!

If you want to get moving again, contact us today! (864) 469-7979

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