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Man holding his neckAuto Accident/Personal Injury Care at Community Chiropractic Center

If you have recently been the victim of a car crash or personal injury, we are here to help. In addition to general chiropractic care, Community Chiropractic Center offers care to those who have accident-related injuries.

No matter the severity of your accident, we have the knowledge and expertise to evaluate your condition and help your body heal. Find out more about what we might be able to do for you.

It is important to seek care shortly after an accident occurs.

In a study conducted by Harvard Medical School, it was shown that even the slightest impact often has damaging effects on the body. While most people do not realize it, it does not take a total vehicle crash to cause injury. Whether impact takes place at two miles per hour or 25 miles per hour—your body is likely to be shaken.

More often than not, accident-related injuries do not present themselves immediately or through excruciating pain. At the time of most accidents, adrenaline is kicked into high gear. This means that it can take a few days for symptoms to become apparent. In some cases, it is not until one week or so later that your body tells you something is wrong.

With early intervention through chiropractic care, your body is less likely to incur further damage and heal quickly and efficiently.

Many injuries are non-obvious, including lack of energy, difficulty focusing, irritability, and poor sleep. If you sense a change in the way you feel, regardless of intensity, you may be suffering from a masked injury.

Please do not hesitate to contact our practice with questions or concerns about your current condition.

We Are Happy to Help

We want to make your healing process as simple as possible. Community Chiropractic Center offers evaluation and correction based on your unique needs. We are also in-network with most insurance. When you come in to see us, we ask that you bring your license, the police report, and claim number.

Contact us today to learn more about auto accident/personal injuries chiropractic Greer and set up your visit. We are happy to help!

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